"Matera, city of culture" A museum for the ancient city - Il concorso di idee per Matera

11-01-2018 redazione instaura

Competition concluded; we are waiting for results!





The Project 

the new Museum of Culture, a container of traditions


Who can partecipate

Anyone can participate, without limits of age or country, either individually or in groups. You cannot take part in the contest with more than one project.


How to register

ORDINARY ENTRY: from 26th of February - 30th of April the fee entry is of 40,00 euros for team (regardless of the number of competitors) and 25,00 euros if the participant is unique.



The winners will be announced on the website of the Association no later than the date of 21th of May 2018. The first three works will be deserving, are not excluded special mentions.

- The winner will receive a prize of 1000,00 euro (excluding TAX).

- Top three finishers will have an annual digital subscription to MARK MAGAZINE.

- The winners and mentioned will be publicate on instaur.it and startfortalents.net (and on all the sector portals that will promote the initiative), participation in future contests, workshops, and tours organized by instaura.it and startfortlanets.net










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